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Compare and decide for yourself

* MERV rating of 8

* Non-restrictive and recommended for higher efficiency systems.

* Antimicrobial and Tackifier coating

*Each filter costs $1.66 each.

*Replaced month, that's only $20.00

That's a savings of approximately $88.00 a Year!

Custom built aluminum frame warrantied for LIFE! We can build any size for any application.

Heavy takifier and antimicrobial coating enhances dust collection and controls growth of mold, mildew, algae and fungi.

Wire mesh prevents filter media from being drawn into the air handler unlike cardboard filters that can collapse due to high air flow.

Dual-Ply construction allows for excellent airflow and efficient dust capturing.


Dust & Pollen Reduction Filter

* Merv Rating of 8

* Can restrict airflow in high efficiency systems.

*No antimicrobial coating.

*Cost an overate of $8.99 Each

During winter months many heat pumps will need to go through a “defrost” cycle during operation. It is normal!

How do I tell if my unit is in a defrost cycle?
Here's a few things you may notice. If you put your hand up to the vent and the air feels cool versus warm, the outdoor unit fan will stop running and will be very loud, also may look like its smoking. The unit is not smoking it is steam from the melted ice. The indoor unit will keep running. While this is going on your emergency heat will come on to continue to heat your home until the defrost cycle has completed. If this is the first time your heat has been turned on you may notice an odor like a burning smell coming from your vents. This is normal. This is debris/dust burning off.

The defrost cycle may occur several times during the hour depending upon the outside temperature. If you do not have of these symptoms with your unit but do notice white bands that look like snow/frost on your outdoor unit please call for a service call. This is a sign that the defrost cycle may not be working properly.

Reminder to Change your filters!

This is what an Indoor coil looks like when the system has been running with dirty filters. This will cause leaks in your coil and is a very costly repair!! Dirty filters will also reduce air flow and your system will not cool properly.

A good reminder to check/change your filters is when you receive your FPL bill.